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Camera Slider PRO100 Watch this video and discover how you can use our Pro 100 camera slider. Shot and directed by Frenzy Hour Productions.



The Slider Tools Pro 100 camera slider offers an advanced linear tracking system for filming. It has been designed for camera rigs up to 90 kg to provide all filmmakers with a handy, reliable, high-performing tool at a competitive price. With  you will be able to create professional-looking shots in all conditions, without the need for expensive or bulky equipment.

These video camera use an advanced tracking system, characterised by polymer bearings, which guarantee a totally smooth and quiet operation which guarantees perfect coupling with the bearings. This further lowers the friction and improves resistance to wear and tear even under heavy workloads.

Slider Tools Pro 100 is provided with an integrated and high-performing mechanical handling system, which offers extremely smooth and precise movement two pulleys (protected on the inside by side stoppers) running on four double-shielded bearings, a high flexibility Kevlar®-reinforced belt and a practical handle with adjustable crank radius.

All these mini dollies are designed for motorization and the motion control kit (Motion Control Slider PRO) can be assembled in just 5 minutes. It's an innovative and compact expandable electronic system, which offers smooth and uninterrupted tracking shots, at your required speed, with continuous and seamless start and finish.

Designed for top performance

Slider Tools Pro 100 is operational within seconds and, once assembled, can be transported as easily as a camera on tripod. Your shots will be vibration and shake-free, regardless of rough ground or uneven surfaces and floor finish.

Any type of photo or video head, if equipped with a 3/8” female thread, can be installed on the carriage. Slider Tools Pro 100, with its 1/4” and 3/8” standard male threads, is also compatible the market. The possible combinations are endless, as are the different ways in which Slider Pro 100 can be used: directly placed on a surface, fixed on Shootools stirrups, on one or more tripods, even vertically or diagonally.

Slider Tools Pro 100 is equipped with:

• a mini camera slider complete with spirit level, brake and universal thread for fastening on any video head or camera
• three bases with universal fastening for supports
• two side stoppers
• a mechanical handling with 2 pulleys, 8 double-shielded bearings, 1 Kevlar®-reinforced belt, 1 adjustable crank radius
• a practical and resistant padded case


La serie PRO dei Camera Slider Shootools offre prestazioni senza compromessi, la precisione del movimento a cinghia garantisce carrellate fluide, costanti e definite, la manovella per la movimentazione manuale, può essere rimossa in modo rapido e sostituita dal sistama di motorizzazione (Motion Control Slider PRO) che  garantisce la più totale autonomia nell’esecuzione, programmazione e registrazione di qualsiasi movimento per carrellata video e timelapse.

Gli Slider Shootools sono prodotti unendo la più avanzata tecnologia nella lavorazione delle materie prime, alla secolare esperienza degli artigiani meccanici italiani, vengono utilizzati esclusivamente leghe di alluminio di altissima qualità, acciaio e tecnopolimeri, ogni prodotto viene trattato superficialmente per garantire un’alta resistenza meccanica ed una finitura hi-grip per aumentarne l’usabilità.
L’assemblaggio, i test pre confezionamento e l’imballaggio vengono eseguiti manualmente, uno slider alla volta.

Principali caratteristiche degli Slider Shootools della serie Pro sono:
• Performance senza compromessi
• Leggerezza
• Solidità grazie al binario a speciale profilo rinforzato
• Estrema fluidità nel movimento
• Stabilità, grazie al binario largo 84 mm, il carrello si muove su un’ampia superficie
• Motorizzabile con controllo totale per carrellate video e timelapse
for motorization (Motion Control Slider PRO)

Un CAMERA SLIDER PRO 100 formato da:
• Binaro da 1000 mm
• Carrello a ruote registrabili in tecnopolimero rinforzate, dotate di 8 cuscinetti a sfera in acciaio
• Sistema di trasmissione a cinghia
• Manovella a raggio regolabile
• Basi di fissaggio per cavalletti e stativi
• Custodia di trasporto
-  predisposto per staffe a piedini regolabili
- predisposto per motorizzazione (Motion Control Slider PRO)


Not present

Slider PRO 100

The universal and portable video camera slider, which enables you to create exciting and professional-looking tracking shots


Pro 100 is the professional slider, without compromise. Allows three types of mouvment: manual on the carriage, manual with mechanical handling and motorized by an optional kit.
: 1030 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 45 mm
Weight: 3.80 kg
capacity: up to 90 Kg


Pro 100 è il camera slider professionale, senza compromessi. Permette tre tipi di movimentazione: manuale su carrello, manuale a manovella e motorizzata attraverso l’apposito kit opzionale.
Lunghezza: 1030 mm
Larghezza: 100 mm
Peso: 3.80 Kg
Capacità di carico: 90 Kg

5-YEAR INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE! (Please refer to Terms of Sale and Guarantee section)

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€ 750,00 + VAT


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