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SMART Legs [en]

Smart Legs ShooTools, the CNC machined aluminum legs perfect for Modula and eXtension Track series of Sliders.

The new Smart Legs are fully adjustable, each leg has a double and independent system of setup. They are suitable for any surface, at the end of each there is a special stain-resistent rubber, you can put your slider also above the most delicate surfaces.You can easly install the Smart Legs and togheter use your tripod, in way to maximise the freedom of your preferred setup.
Once finished shooting, you can leave the smart legs installed and carry easly the equipment in the comfy ShooTools' Bag

QUALITY of Made in Italy

Each component undergoes two distinct types of treatment: the first one, by shot peening through ceramic spheres, increases the hardness and the resistance to fatigue of the object and, in addition, provides a pleasant hi-grip finish. The second treatment, anodizing at 30 microns, protects the device from any external agent.

SMART Legs [ita]

I nuovi supporti per la serie One degli slider ShooTools si installano in 5 minuti mantenendo sempre la possiblità di installare il tuo slider su due cavalletti tradizionali con attacco di Tre Ottavi di Pollice (Standard Classico).

I supporti sono completamente regolabili, adatti a qualsiasi superfice visto i finali rivesiti in materiale gommato, potrai posizionare il tuo slider One anche sulle superfici più delicate. Una volta ultimate le riprese, potrai richiudere i supporti per ottenere la massima trasportabilità dello Slider nelle comode borse dedicate.


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Install the new support Legs for Modula and Extensin Track  Seris of ShooTools Sliders


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