This is a collection of some shot I made this year with a Nikon D800 and a Sony FS700.

For the camera moves I used Crane, Drone, Steadycam and of course a ShooTools Camera Slider One 150, both for Video and MotionLapse.

I don’t particularly like wide lenses, because of their characteristic of deforming things, that is not good especially in automotive, so the main footage was taken with longer focal lengths then 100 mm, with a very low depth of field, to emphasize almost exclusively the subjects from the background.

With those focal lenghts you need a very steady and smooth slider, that I find in the ShooTools Camera Slider One 150.

I used the slider in all conditions, from the glacier to the sea .. And it has flawlessly resisted at all possible complications.


Modula 2in1
The Modular Camera Slider with double rail, 80 + 40cm easly interchangable.
Switch between short or long rail within seconds, motion control ready.

Discover here all the Technical Specs and more functions.Camera Slider ShooTools Modula 2in1

CREDITS: Mikael Masoero


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