Nikon and ShooTools, an evolving species.
The realization of this timelapse only started as a game.

I’ve always been a ‘nikonist’, and when the D810 was released full of promise for creating timelapses, I immediately felt the need to compare the D800 series on-field testing
In about a month’s work, between shots, postproduction and editing, a “spaced out film” entirely shot in Positano – A a town on the Amalfi Coast where I live and work as a photographer – came up.
In some ways it’s been an easy game but as you can see from the timelapse – although the shots are concentrated over many kilometers – there are substantially different scenarios.
It sometimes took long walks to reach those scenarios, climbing over night mountain paths and, especially for night shooting, setting up camps. A
That’s the reason for choosing certain equipment rather than others. It’s not by chance if I focused my choice on the ShooTools One 80 Slider. It combines the features of compactness, lightness and resistance at the same time.
The maximum efficiency is enclosed in a handy carry bag where I always keep the slider already mounted, except for the motor, that I can mount in a minute just before I start, thanks to its quickly assembly.
Another key strength of the slider is the remote control, simple to use and with a battery that allows you to work without “recharge anxiety”.
The slider gives its best at 1 minute and 10 seconds, when the right angle and the focal length gives an opening effect to the video, with a very intriguing result.



Camera Slider Modula 3in1 Motion Plus
One unique Motorized Slider, Ready to Use:
3 Rails: 150 80 40cm
2 Motors: 09RPM 55RPM
3 Operating modes
• Manual Tracking Shot
• Motorized Tracking Shot
• TimeLapse

Discover here all the Technical Specs and more functions.

CREDITS:  Vito Fusco

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