Two weeks we lived the life of children of Kivumu , a tiny village in the center of Rwanda . We visited the site of another school building our new school that will , when finally be completed by the end of April, can accommodate as many as 1,000 students .

We hung out with the greatest sporting role models of Rwanda , their cycling team , walked the suspension bridge in the trees Nyungwe rainforest , raced with zebras in Akagera , was the final of the African Nations Cup and watched the clash of DR Congo and Mali, enjoy local teas and coffees , and all that we could not not our čo’ek in Africa , Fr. Ivica Peric , and the humanitarian organization Heart of Africa . This is just the trailer of the film Einstein of Kivumu , the miracle that Father Ivica Peric , Heart for Africa and many good people from the Croatian and the world make the children of the village that does not exist on maps .
Thank you to everyone who is so faithful to follow and help ! Without all of you , nor our projects would not have been achieved !


Camera Slider Modula 3in1 Motion Plus
One unique Motorized Slider, Ready to Use:
3 Rails: 150 80 40cm
2 Motors: 09RPM 55RPM
3 Operating modes
• Manual Tracking Shot
• Motorized Tracking Shot
• TimeLapse

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CREDITS:  Dino Sencar




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