From the desert of Morocco to the glaciers of Iceland, from italian landscapes to the fjords of Norway, traveling through Ireland: this timelapse short-film features 18 months of photo travels with FotoCorsi in the constant pursuit of the best light and location.

FotoCorsi – Photo Travels & Workshop (
Cameras: Nikon D800 and D610, shooting a total of 35.000 RAWs resulting in more than 1,4 TB of disk space.
Camera movements made with motorized slider by ShooTools (
Post-production, photo and video editing with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and LRTimelapse.
Shooting, post-production and editing by Gabriele Lorenzini


Camera Slider Modula 3in1 Motion Plus
One unique Motorized Slider, Ready to Use:
3 Rails: 150 80 40cm
2 Motors: 09RPM 55RPM
3 Operating modes
• Manual Tracking Shot
• Motorized Tracking Shot
• TimeLapse

Discover here all the Technical Specs and more functions.







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