Introduced recently at the NAB Show, IBC and Photokina, AutoPan has obtained a massive positive response. Designed and made in Italy, it is the perfect tool to add great cinematic effects to your productions.

A revolutionary Electronic Tool designed to be Universal. You can install it on any motion equipment in the market, regardless the brand and length, manual or motorized.
It has got an internal motor and a rechargeable battery that pan your camera in several different modes.

Fully programmable: it is possible to add synchronized pan rotation with the movement of you tool, like Slider, Dolly, Crane… You have only to set-up the keyframes along the route and the internal CPU will do the rest. It does not require specific measurement calibration nor a fixed distance  from the subject.



The First Universal Panning Tool in the market.
Works on ANY Slider, Manual or Motorized,
for Video and TimeLapse.

AutoPan, synchronize the Pan Movement (rotation) with the
shifting of the cart.

Discover here all the Technical Specs and more functions.ShooTools AutoPan test


Interview by: Newsshooter
Speaker: Davide Vasta

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