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Universal for AutoPan & Dolly 360


Turn easily your AutoPan or Dolly into a state-of-the-art motorized Turntable

The Turntable kit is designed to have in your productions an extremely handy 40-cm diameter turntable for still life and for objects at 360°.

Via the Apple and Android App, you can manage totally wireless: direction, speed, position, number of shots and much more...

Two Different Modes:

TURN 360

1) Connect your camera throw the dedicated Shutter Cable
2) Set the number of shots needed
3) Set the delay between one shot to the next

and finally, Automate your still life photography. AutoPan will rotate and trigger for you.


Smooth and constant rotating videos for amazing 360° shots.

In the Box:
• 40-cm Turntable Disk
• Adapter for AutoPan
• Green Pad
• Black Pad
• Bag

PayLoad Tunrtable on AutoPan: 10kg
PayLoad Turntable on Dolly: 15kg

999 Items

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