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Motion Control for Tracking Shot & TimeLapse


Extremely precise and fluid tracking shots with the opportunity to manage speed, direction, acceleration and slowing-down.

It is possible to realize terrific syncronized tracking shots that can automatically end at the track end (Sync), detour in an endless movement (Loop) or keep shooting once having reached the track end (No Stop).

Realize amazing Timelapse with the MotionControl Plus Shootools


Motion Control uses SMS (Shoot Move Shoot) Technology that allows you to synchronise the motion of the carriage with the DSLR’s shutter release. This feature allows you to use any exposure time, without having to worry about blurry images

The integrated intervalometer lets you set the pause between each position change from one second to 99 hours in one-second intervals.

2 Motors included in Motion Control Slider ShooTools


Two interchangeable motors of 55 R.P.M. and 09 R.P.M. are included You can easily switch between them, satisfying your professional needs.

The two electronic end-stops block the carriage at the end of the rail or in case an obstacle is placed along the carriage while shooting (safety mode).

• Horizontal payload ± 20Kg
• Vertical payload ± 7 Kg
• Min speed 2 mm/Sec Max speed 100 mm/Sec
• BATTERY LIFE: 1.800 Tracking Shots or 48 hours in Timelapse mode

Motion Plus Slider Modula

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• Motion Control Plus
• Controller Plus
• Motor 55
• Motor 09
• Battery - Battery Charger
• Belt 94,5” (240 cm)
• Cordura®  Bag
• Motor Cable
• Set-up Keys
• Instruction Manual

Technical Data

Motor 55 Min Speed 0,94 in/s (24 mm/sec)
Motor 55 Max Speed 3,93 in/s (100 mm/sec)
Motor 55 Horizontal Load ± 22 lb (10 kg)
Motor 55 Vertical Load ± 2,5 lb (2,5 kg)
Motor 55 Minimum Shift 0,15” (0,4 mm)
Motor 09 Min Speed 0,078 in/s (2 mm/sec)
Motor 09 Max Speed 0,39 in/s (10 mm/sec)
Motor 09 Horizontal Load ± 66,1 lb (30 kg)
Motor 09 Vertical Load ± 15,4 lb (7,0 kg)

(Two Motors Included)


User Guide Modula Slider

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Technical Sheet Motion Plus

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