Camera Dolly 360


  • 100% Made in Italy
    Over 66 lb payload
    Motion Control Ready
    Billet Anticorodal Components
    Turntable Ready
    ABEC 9 bearings
    Professional Tool
    Two Sections Front / Back
    Cordura® Bag Included



Obtained from the high precision processing of a single aluminium raw slab, Camera Dolly is made of 2 sections extremely easy to set up tool-less. Light and portable, ShooTools dolly weight is only 3.5 Kg so it can be easily carried everywhere inside its Cordura® bag, included into the set.
Both the peculiarities of the finest materials that compose ShooTools Dolly and the full processing to obtain it, made of ShooTools’ dolly a truly valuable tool, guaranteed for life due to its sturdiness and its capability to support over 30 Kg.


3 special polyurethane wheels, characterized by ABEC 9 high precision steel ball bearing, offer extreme smooth tracking shoots and 360 videos.
Each wheel assembly is adjustable and easy to manipulate accordingly to the needs of shooting.
A detailed explicative table support and fasten the management of the wheels.


Dolly 360 is an absolute unique and complete device as it allows the realization of close ups, limitless tracking shots due to the absence of the truck end,] and 360° shootings with a coverage from 5 cm up to 4 mt. Moreover, it is perfect for “in and out shots”.
As a matter of fact, the peculiar lightening obtained into the lower base of the chassis guarantees a perfect balance of the weight and, as a result, it offers an incomparable constancy of movement.


Dolly can be used manually or via motorization. The dedicated motion plus helps handling the device in a really easy intuitive and accurate way for manage speedy, direction, time of rotation, acceleration, deceleration and also all the parameters for incomparable time-lapse and stop-motion filming.

Technical data

Length 40 cm (15,7″)

Width 40 cm (15,7″)

Weight 3,5 kg (7,7 lb )

Payload 30 kg (66 lb)

Wheels Three Shore polyurethane wheels

Ball Bearings ABEC 9 bearings

Screw Thread 3/8″-16

Extera Holes 3 x 1/4”-20 / 3 x 3/8”-16

Materials Anodized aluminium, steel ball bearing, polyurethane wheels

Treatments Shot peening through ceramic spheres, Organic Anodization at 30 micron


Camera Dolly 360
Cordura® Bag
Instruction Manual

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